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We Help Leaders Lead.
They impact individuals,
organizations, and communities . . . and the bottom line.


We offer a proven framework and integrate coaching into all we do. 

What We Specialize In

Leadership Programs



Where We Focus and Why

The Blueford Group focuses on leaders because we believe they are at the heart of creating resilient, motivated, and inspired cultures. And, we understand the impact they have on individuals, organizations, and the community . . . and, the bottom line. 


Our offerings focus on coaching and developing leaders and individual contributors. Our coaching/training approach focuses on self-awareness, mindset development, emotional intelligence, change management, building teams, and empowering people.  And, we focus on communications as a key driver of successful leadership and growth. 


We bring a deep understanding of the importance of connecting coaching in all we do. Our coaching integrates the Community Resiliency Model as we work with leaders in industry and neighborhoods to help implement strategic changes/redirection, transformation, and the rebuilding of infrastructures and systems. We do it all with a lens toward educating, connecting, and building engaged cultures.


We partner with leaders on their messaging platforms to ensure clarity, congruency, and consistency. Additional skills we bring to the table include employee communications, media, mentoring programs, career development, and new employee assimilation. 


The Journey Towards Building Great Cultures Begins with its Leaders.

As a new client of The Blueford Group, we’re impressed. Bonnie has helped us see ourselves as resources of strengths; strengths we can offer each other and strengths we can call upon from each other as needed. This is such a refreshing way to approach teamwork. We’re already communicating, strategizing, and problem-solving better. To remain relevant, we’re rethinking and clarifying our vision for Lice Happens’ future and developing a business strategy to get us there. With Bonnie’s encouragement, wisdom, and expert guidance, it’s no more business as usual. We’re so much more.

- MJ and Nancy

Lice Happens

“Bonnie has served as the Director of Communications for the ICF Maryland Board of Directors for several years and working with her is and has been a true gift.  Her ability to communicate ideas, programs, and both good and bad news is done with thoughtful grace, an ability to really connect with people and is a beautiful blend of both strategic and tactical messaging.  Among her key strengths are the ability to come up with new ideas, her positive energy and collaborative spirit and her ability to ask powerful questions that all lead to her delivering above and beyond what you expect time after time. 

- Rayna Schroeder

Leadership Coach and 2019 ICF Maryland President 

Bonnie is an extremely thoughtful communicator, whose innate ability to connect with people in a manner that truly “connects people” has been instrumental in building high potential talent and teams across diverse organizations.


I have witnessed Bonnie’s leadership style influence behavior changes that drive individuals to improved performance, accountability, and empowerment.

- Yolanda Murphy, Vice President Communications Northrop Grumman


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