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Our Partners

When needed, we are pleased to be able to engage with our partners to help bring our clients exceptional solutions to meet their goals. Their backgrounds, experience, and knowledge elevate our offerings and enable us to offer our clients a robust and meaningful experience that goes beyond their expectations. 


Patricia Hinton Walker, MCC  

Coaching Stepping Stones

Patricia Hinton Walker, PhD, RN, FAAN, MCC, NBC-HWC is an experienced coach, coach trainer, and has assisted individuals, teams, organizations, and executives to deal with stresses and challenges of transitions, mergers and leadership change.  She is also certified in Social-Emotional Intelligence Coaching.  A major focus of her career, life and organizational transition coaching assists clients in making good choices, leverage increased awareness of the impact of health/unhealthy lifestyles to improve productivity, reduce stress, and find better life-work harmony.  An internationally recognized speaker and coaching professional in the areas of career/executive coaching, health care, technology /informatics (with a focus on wearable mHealth devices). Pat is Owner/Director of Coaching Stepping Stones ( 


A seasoned educator, former Dean in schools of nursing and Vice President at the Uniformed Services University (within the Department of Defense), Pat is well-published.  She has edited books and authored over 100 scholarly publications in nursing and inter-professional journals.  In addition to teaching the Foundations of Coaching, she provides leadership to the MentorCoach certification program in Health and Wellness Coaching and teaches Body-Centered Coaching.  She serves on the advisory board of the National Board for Credentialing of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC).  She leverages her knowledge and experience of the Community Resiliency Model (CRM) to assist clients to return to their ‘best selves’ in the midst of times of disruption, loss and stress.  


Erica is owner and president of The Symphony Group, an organization development and leadership coaching practice founded in 2000.   Erica has over 20 years of organization development, leadership development facilitation, and leadership coaching experience with clients in diverse industries. Erica is committed to awakening the potential in others and expanding choice and possibility in their lives.


Erica has coached all levels of the workforce, from senior executives to individual contributors, and has taught leadership topics to teams and groups across diverse industries. Her work includes designing and delivering large-scale leadership development and culture change programs for her client organizations. She has a passion for experiential and action learning and is known for creating high-impact learning opportunities both inside the classroom and in unique venues such as sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and building a Habitat for Humanity house.  In addition to creating customized individual and team assessments for her clients, Erica is an experienced facilitator in many individual, team, and organizational assessments.


Erica received a B.A. in Education and Cultural Anthropology from James Madison University and also completed post-graduate work in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Development at JMU. Erica holds two graduate certificates in both Organization Development (2003) and Leadership Coaching (2008) from Georgetown University. She is a certified professional coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Erica Hawley McKee, PCC

The Symphony Group

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